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HDMI Switches
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Welcome to HDMI Switches

Welcome to HDMI Switches.

With more and more HD capabale equipment sporting HDMI outputs, we are running out of HDMI inputs on our Plamss and LCD screens! The solution is an HDMI switch.

These devices allow you to plug multiple HDMI devices INTO the switch, with one HDMI cable running to your display. You simply select the HDMI input to use on the front of the switch.

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4 way hdmi switcher4 way hdmi switcher by ian (13-Sep 21:36)
do I need to look for anything special in a 4 way hdmi splitter? I want to run sky hd, mediaplayer/d...

Re: good hdmi switchRe: good hdmi switch by ... (04-Mar 20:32)
you should be ok - it's digital, so it has to get through properly or you get no picture. Remember t...

good hdmi switchgood hdmi switch by Paul W. (04-Mar 17:40)
Do HDMI switches keep the signal properly or is there any breakdown which might affect picture quali...

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